Welcome to the Fresh Start Blog!

I’m Keyona Meeks, a 2nd year International Business major & Chinese Studies minor at the University of California, San Diego. I love learning new things and meeting interesting people with rich stories. Here I’ll be candid on my experiences, so potential UCSD students can get a inside look at what life as a student is like. In addition to this, I’ll also share life tips like investing as a college student, how to eat healthy on campus, using school resources, and much more.

I’m looking to provide not only a great resource for prospective UCSD students, but also to international business majors as well as college students in general. I can’t stand fluff, so I promise to only publish content that my readers can takeaway something of real significance.

Please feel encouraged to actively engage by leaving comments and emailing me.  I want this space to be communal and to grow in quality based on viewer feedback. Since I am only one person, my knowledge is limited, but as a collective we can expand our worldview and ultimately learn more.

Thank you

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