A Start.

The year 2018 is not the time anyone would suggest starting a blog; the internet is saturated with content, there are thousands if not millions of sites. However, I think this statement is made with the assumption that the creator feels it necessary to have as many readers/ subscribers/ likes as possible. As if stardom is the goal, and not well servicing an appropriately sized online community. If being connected to the internet since middle school has taught me anything it’s that “quality over quantity” is a phrase to live and die by. Literally.

The epidemic of time-consuming social media sites and people trying to sell you anything to make a quick buck at your expense is absolutely rampant. This isn’t to say all social media is bad and every product someone tries to sell you is predatory. It is to say that ads and social media have consumed my time, probably months if not years of time in total. This no longer sits comfortably with me.

Which brings us to the crux of this blog: I want my time back. I want to fill my waking hours with learning and enjoyment, not glued to my screen. Here I’ll give details on the new projects,  and ways of living I take up, and if it’s improved my quality of life. So far I’ve deleted Instagram (only downloading it to quickly post a beautiful photo and promptly deleting it again) and Tumblr (admittedly I’ve reinstalled and deleted it several times), my favorite sites to frequent.

But this isn’t a social media cleanse, that’s not the point and frankly, that’d be really boring to document. The heart of this is finding out how I wan to live my life in the long term. Recently, I’ve fully embraced minimalism, a plant-based diet, and being more aggressive about exploring and experiencing San Diego (where I currently go to university). I want to divorce with consumerism. I want to deeply criticize every part of my thinking, examine every assumption and leave no stone unturned. Why do I think the way I do? Is this way of thinking harmful to my growth?

To conclude this beginning, this blog will explore topics like minimalism, social responsibility, spirituality, investment strategies, San Diego scenes, and much more. Please feel encouraged to engage in the comment section. I’m genuinely excited for this journey and even if it’s only me, you, and my mom, this will still be valuable. Quality over quantity.


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