Better than Cable

Briefly after the birth of the internet came a sea of content that, much like this winter, seems to never end. See:

  • 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, or one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second.
  • Over 4 billion videos are viewed a day
  • Instagram reports 90M Monthly Active Users
  • 40M Photos Per Day And 8500 Likes Per Second

In that sea there is truly valuable information that has enabled some from small beginnings to reach amazing heights or has just given the average person access to a wealth of information it would have taken years to find otherwise. However finding resources among the memes and nasty comment sections can be an uphill battle. In this post I’ll list all of my favorite sources of information and inspiration.


I get my podcasts almost exclusively from Spotify; I have premium membership and with the student discount, it’s been hands down one of my smartest purchases.

  • Reveal
    • Each episode is a deep dive into issues that affect everyday Americans, from antiquated farming policies to Christian centers that disguise themselves as abortion clinics, this podcast introduces you to problems you may not have even known existed
    • This is by far my favorite investigative journalism podcast, which is why it’s first on the list
    • “And remember… there’s always more to the story”
  • a16z
    • Talks with leaders at the top of their fields, they usually offer insight into where they see their industries going
    • Best listened to when you have quiet time to really absorb their words because there are many juicy nuggets of information you won’t want to miss while trying to multi-task
  • The Daily
    • A Mon- Fri podcast by the New York Time hosted by Michael Barbaro that takes a more detailed and careful look at the latest news
    • Best listened to while getting ready in the morning, to prepare you for the day’s talking points
    • Occasionally, there are episodes that aren’t exactly about today’s news, but may be about ongoing conflicts or recently published studies
  • The Heart
    • A touching podcast that explores identities, sexuality, the body and more
    • Listening to this really opened me up to different perspectives and lives I’ll never live, giving me insight I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, and for that I am forever grateful to the Heart
  • The Guardian Audio Long Reads
    • 30 minutes – 1 hour episodes of thoughtful essays and articles on a myriad of topics
  • Intercepted
    • A truly spicy podcast, Intercepted hosted by Jeremy Scahill looks at policies, government action, and the like with a skeptic’s critical eye
    • Sometimes humorous, but always thought-provoking, whether or not I agree with his viewpoint
  • Tiny Leaps, Big Changes
    • An easy listen that gives me a boost of positivity and inspiration with every episode
  • The Impact
    • Investigative journalism takes a lot of work to get the story out, but the Impact takes it a step further by following up with stories to answer the question “where are they now?” in regards to past investigations
  • Financial Times: Start-up Stories
    • A fun, inspiring listen in which guests are successful entrepreneurs who share their story



I spend literal hours on YouTube everyday, and have done so for years. It’s a powerful learning and entertainment tool, with millions of daily users.

  • Crash Course 
    • The series is quite possibly the only reason I got good grades in most of my high school AP classes
    • Each course is jammed pack with applicable information and cute graphics that also went beautifully with AP curriculum
  • Hot for Food
    • A vegan channel that makes creative, delicious dishes that are of course 100% vegan
  • Yoga with Adrienne
    • Honestly, God bless this woman
    • I live a stressful life, so on the occasion when I can do yoga with Adrienne it’s a real treat
    • She’s got videos that are for specific areas like yoga for lower back pain or abs workout, and others that are more focused on holistic well being
  • Jouelzy
    • A beautiful and inspiring “smart brown girl” that produces content for Black women
    • Her videos are intelligent and cover a broad range of topics that leave me feeling acknowledged and thoroughly entertained
  • Some More News
    • Cody, the host, is just as frustrated with modern politics as I am and it’s beautiful
  • NPR Music
    • A channel that showcases a wide range of musical acts, in a simple setting that allows watchers to concentrate on the music
  • Conan Gray
    • He’s just a bright spot that brings me a spoonful of joy with every upload


Other Stuff

I would love to post a list of books that have brought me joy and enlightenment, but to be frank, I haven’t had time to read a book for fun since high school.

And finally, the last (but not least) entry on the list is Pintrest. It’s where I get the majority of my recipes as well as some aesthetic information. I credit the site for getting me off the ground during my early transition into vegetarian-hood.

Thank you for reading this list, I hope you’re able to take away new content that brings you enjoyment. Let’s make this an exchange: comment below your favorite podcasts, books, YouTube channels, etc. I’m always looking for new inspiration!



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